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The Smart Cities Info Packs are now ready.

These Info Packs are resource tools that can be used by individuals and local community groups who are opposing the rollout of Smart Cities technologies.

The Info Packs are provided for educational purposes only and should be treated as a guide only.

Below is a brief description about each pack and for more information please download the attached PDF documents.

Info Pack – What You Need to Know about Smart Cities – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The contents in this Info Pack includes topics and links to source documents to help you become familiar with Smart Cities. It describes the ‘bigger picture’ about Smart Cities to what is not immediately apparent to most Australians that needs to be clearly understood.

We need to make the link to what is planned locally to what is planned globally and the full implications of living in a Smart City.

This Info Pack can also be used as a tool to inform and educate others in positions of authority who need to know more.

Smart Cities Info Pack

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Info Pack – A Guide For Residents on Council & Community Engagement

This Info Pack offers guidance to residents and ratepayers on how to engage with your local Council and community to start a conversation about Smart Cities and the rollout of Smart technologies in your community.

The steps are not in any priority order and provides ideas and suggestions to consider in your approach.

A Guide For Residents on Council & Community Engagement

Download Your Info Pack

New local group in the City of Tea Tree Gully

I’m pleased to announce that a new local community action group has been set up in the City of Tea Tree Gully area. We are called the North East Alliance Movement (NEAM).

If you live in the Tea Tree Gully council area or know others who would like to join us please contact NEAM at
We are closely liaising with other northern council groups on this topic so if you are a resident or ratepayer in Playford, Salisbury or Gawler councils, you can form part of a local community group. Let us know and we will pass your details on.
Feel free to share the Info Packs with others who may be interested.
Thank you.
Enca Crosbie

Day of Respect

Rally Wrap

Thanks to all those who attended the February 25 rally and helped to spread the powerful, visual message of the Crosses and Forest of the Fallen through Adelaide’s busy CBD. It seems more and more people are alert to the vaccine dangers and were keen to take the information flyers.

You can enjoy a summary here thanks to Rhys Jarret and his excellent ‘Raw Cut’ rally video.

You can find more of Rhys’s work at

It was an interesting week to say the least, after the Saturday rally and the unexpected presence of Aussie Cossack supporters and Russian flags!
Kathy was told Cossack was live streaming the event (our event was staged a week after the other National rallies) and thought it was interesting but also good to have support from a prominent freedom fighter, who called in by mobile to ‘give a 20 second message about freedom’.
Unfortunately, he had another agenda which was made clear very quickly when several international pro-Russian news outlets claimed it was a sanctioned, pro-Russian rally which Cossack had been involved in planning. All pure fiction!

It was mortifying to have the hard work and planning for a very visual and impactful rally to raise awareness about Covid lethal jabs to be hijacked in this way.

We can only apologise and assure you that it is our goal to have peaceful and engaging rallies with clear messages to continue to engage a wider community.

Our core foci are –
• Medical/ vaccine choice
• Covid jab injury and deaths
• Global agendas impacting freedom
The next World Wide rally is scheduled for May 20 so stay tuned for details!

AFR was contacted by ABC News and The Advertiser and took the opportunity to iterate to both that they need to be reporting instead on the deaths and damage – the reason for the rally!

Links to ABC reporting here –

Kaufman Institute for Coincidence

CDC & FDA Identify Preliminary COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Signal

for Persons Aged 65 Years and Older

They call it a ‘safety signal’ but do not recommend any changes to Covid vaccination practices.

“Following the availability and use of the updated (bivalent) COVID-19 vaccines, CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), a near real-time surveillance system, met the statistical criteria to prompt additional investigation into whether there was a safety concern for ischemic stroke in people ages 65 and older who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent. Rapid-response investigation of the signal in the VSD raised a question of whether people 65 and older who have received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent were more likely to have an ischemic stroke in the 21 days following vaccination compared with days 22-42 following vaccination.”


Forest of the Fallen

SATURDAY 21st JANUARY, Glenelg area 10.30-3pm wanting confirmed helpers (minimum 3 people always).

Help is for setting up and dismantling display (very easy, poking sticks in the ground then taking them out) and hopefully staying to observe in between.

Please let Lorraine know if you are available to: 
🎋Come at start and help set up (Takes about 1 hour with 6 people)
🎋Stay for the duration (preferred)
🎋Help to pack up (about 30mins)
Need to take: yourself, plenty of water, hat, fold up chair.

NOTE: this is a peaceful and informative DISPLAY, sharing testimonies of the Jab Injured, or deceased, to educate our community. We are aiming to encourage curiosity, rather than tempting confrontation.
A strategic meeting will take place at 12pm for those actively involved with the freedom movement for ideas on the coming months ahead.
Many hands make light work.
Contact Loraine


The Onkaparinga City Council meeting on Tuesday the 17th of January to discuss a motion on climate change attracted some interested parties, later labelled protestors.

Due the the large numbers they had been ushered into an anteroom so they could hear the proceedings.

People reacted as the audio which was ok to start with, seemed to be turned down so that they couldn’t hear! An I.T. issue according to the Mayor in MSM interviews afterwards.


Technocracy is an economic system that got started in the 1930s during the height of the Great Depression, when scientists and engineers got together to solve the nation’s economic problems. Technocrats have silently and relentlessly pushed forward ever since, and their agenda is now becoming increasingly visible


Lyon Talk – Ep 3: The Waste Land

On the centenary of ‘The Wasteland by T.S Eliot, our host, Dr. Graham Lyons shares some thoughts on the current state of our society. We are at a pivotal point. It seems those with an evil agenda propose we become slaves on a digital plantation.

Graham asks the core question and declares the challenge:

“How can standing up against the attempted imposition of a global corporate totalitarian dystopia be regarded as futile? This surely is the ultimate battle for humanity and also the supreme test of courage”


Trust you enjoy this episode. More content coming, so make sure you follow RE-GEN.

Roman Bricely – Get The Facts About The Vaxx

Part One

Part Two Coming Soon
THIS is why we Rally

RE-GEN talk to the ABS stats for all cause mortality which are up 16.6% from the historic average. This is why we want to see absolutely everyone on Saturday with placards and drums and voices! Let’s make this the biggest demonstration ever! 16.6% will barely compare to the havoc coming our way with bivalent boosters earmarked for the captive elderly and mandated workers! Subscribe to receive emails and keep up to date with rolling actions.

View the video

Adelaide For Assange

An action-orientated group always open to working with any and all groups on any projects and campaigns. The more we unite, the stronger we are!

July 23rd ADELAIDE Rally For Freedom!

Video replay

A letter from Alex Antic. One of the very few senators speaking out… Respect!

The latest flyer for letterbox distribution

This flyer has been produced to help raise the awareness of the dangers of the Covid vaccine. We must stop this genocide.

To view the flyer in full please download the PDF’s below.

These can be printed out for distribution in your local area.

Your efforts are appreciated – remember every little bit helps. Save the children!


Download the flyer front page by clicking on the button below


Download the flyer back page by clicking on the button below

The Freedom Game

Big Pharma, big media, big tech, big government all working together to strip away civil liberties kamagra buy and crush the spirits of freedom loving South Australians… seems like an unfair game, doesn’t it?

The dark forces have bribed, threatened and coerced you. Taken away your income, caused family divisions and mental trauma.

Fear not friends, no matter how dark it may appear we have a piece on the board that cannot be beaten and once played the nightmare ends.

That piece is called the TRUTH and as the saying goes “the truth shall set you free”. It’s only a matter of time.

Contact Adelaide Freedom Rally today if you are ready to take a stand for truth!

Register a New Stand In The Park

EVERY SUNDAY, 10 – 11am

Adelaide – Victoria Square Parklands (opp. Hilton)
Adelaide – Windsor Gardens (near the caravan park – in the shelter next to the playground)
Balhannah – Brockhoff Park
Bordertown – Memorial Park
Burra – Thomas Pickett Reserve (near playground)
Elizabeth – Fremont Park
Keith – Don Mosley Park
Click below to view more locations

Fridays from 5 – Plant 4 Bowden 

5 Third Street, Bowden


Join us for dinner Friday nights at Plant 4 in Bowden.

From 5pm – 10pm

Lots of eateries open and space to connect.

Lots of parking off second street in an unused lot.

We are usually located upstairs near the bar and balcony.  – our goals

At a Glance. Why we Do What We Do.


Adelaide Freedom Rally is a community of people seeking Common Sense, Reason and Respect in a time when questioning the narrative and science is censored.

We are dedicated to preserving the Freedom of all Australians by advocating for policy changes and action at the Federal, State, and Local level.

We currently have FOUR main objectives.

1. End all Coronavirus Restrictions:

  • No more lockdowns, mask mandates, 5km radius limit, curfew, work permits, or checkpoints. Remove each and every single coronavirus related restriction imposed by ANY Australian Government.
  • End the State of Disaster and State of Emergency declared in South Australia, and open all state borders to all travellers.
  • Dissolve the Ring of Steel, and permit free travel between Metropolitan Adelaide, and Regional Victoria.
  • Adopt a Swedish Style Herd Immunity strategy of voluntary protective measures for those vulnerable to the coronavirus.

    2. Pandemic Royal Commission:

    • Launch an independent and thorough investigation into the handling of the coronavirus response.
    • Find any evidence of criminal activity, conflicts of interest, corruption, and incompetence in the government and medical system.
    • All doctors that knowingly falsified death certificates for patients that did not die from coronavirus should be charged with fraud.
    • Hold everyone responsible for this self-imposed disaster criminally accountable.

    3. No Coerced Vaccinations:

    • If and when a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine is developed and produced, it must be the sole choice of every individual as to whether or not they take the vaccine.
    • No legal or financial pressure should be placed on any person to take a vaccine, and no business should use vaccination status as a means of discrimination against employees or customers.

    4. Full Refund of All Coronavirus Fines.

    • Every person in South Australia that has paid a fine for breaching a coronavirus related directive should receive a full refund for the amount paid.
    • All pending fines must be withdrawn in full.

    What Can I Do To Help?

    Probably the question we get asked the most is “What can I do to help?”  Here are some suggestions. For more ideas on how you can play your part contact us.

    Letterbox marketing

    A traditional way of ‘getting the message out’ letterbox drops are important to what we do. If you want to keep fit and further the cause of freedom, click the button below.

    Signs Down The Street

    Probably by now you have seen our eye catching signs down the street displaying important messages to passers by. We have SDTS groups in many location. Why not get involved in this innovative marketing initiative.

    Community Meetups

    Quick personal story. Early on when the tyranny started I felt a bit like I was the only one that ‘got it’ and did not have anyone to talk things over with. Today it’s totally different I have met so many wonderful people and developed great friendships. How ?? Meetup groups – highly recommended

    Letter writing

    Just to be clear, you don’t need to be an expert wordsmith, all you need to be able to do is write from the heart. All of us can do this and take the time to write to politicians, doctors, teachers your local council etc and let them know what you feel. There really is power in numbers here so consider getting involved – it all helps.

    Join Your Local Stand In The Park

    Another freedom initiative that is taking place all over the world. People coming together for an hour or two to chat and share ideas. Stand in the park groups offer great social support and anyone can start one . Get involved it’s fun.


    fundingEveryone that I know in this freedom movement and others around South Australia vounteer their time, expertise and resources for free. Everyting is either self funded or funded by kind contributions from our community. So if you can help us by making a contribution that would be greatly appreciated. No donation to small.

    To be part of our volunteer movement. Click the link below

    Children and The Vaccine

    My fellow South Australians and indeed all of humanity across the world, we have a crisis on our hands equal to any experienced in all of our history.

    We simply have to stand up and speak out about the evil act of injecting our children, our future, with an experimental medical procedure.

    We ask you to click the button below and download the PDF, print as many copies as you can and distribute them far and wide. Do it NOW for the sake of our beautiful children.

    Never Forget

    We understand just how difficult life is for so many South Australians.

    You have been bullied, coerced, threatened and in many cases have lost long time friends. Even sadder you may feel distant from your loved ones who just don’t see what is really going on.

    Please know this you are not alone, there are thousands of us forming new friendships and our own communities based on respect, love and support.

    Together we will make it to the other side.

    It Makes Sense

    The newsletter will be coming out monthly, or whenever there is some important news to share. The newsletter will be focused on South Australian ozpills events and positive community based actions. So please enter your details in the form below and join thousands of like minded South Australains. Thanks

    News and Events

    Be the first to know about freedom news and events in South Australia

    We don’t spam or share your details ever!

    Other Local Freedom Movements

    The people at are true social justice warriors who look way beyond the media narrative and explore corruption and deceit hidden by the political system.

    Guardians SA

    Guardians SA has it’s focus on our children and offering support and advice to parents. We recommend everyone to join their ever growing facebook group.

    Adelaide Rises

    Another SA based facebook group that is active in our community. Their wide ranging initiatives include social meetups, community events and fund raising for worthy causes.

    We Say Tyranny Stops NOW!