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Medical Practice in Australia – what’s the real story?

About this event

Professor Robyn Cosford has an Honours degree in Medicine and a life membership of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.
In addition to regularly speaking at national and international conferences, Professor Cosford has written numerous peer-reviewed articles for medical journals and for the public. She has regularly spoken out about the current medical system and the practice of medicine in Australia today.
Professor Cosford is also a naturopath and homeopath of over 35 years. As a mother of five children is passionate about the health of children, families, and interpersonal relationships. It is for these reasons that she chose to surrender her medical license, so that she could speak openly about the current medical situation and the threat to the health and wellness of people and in particular, the health and wellbeing of children.
This evening talk will provide an opportunity for attendees to hear about Professor Cosford’s experience and the reality of current medical practice in Australia today. A Q & A session will also be facilitated.
Professor Robyn Cosford is an integrative medical practitioner and world-renowned speaker who regularly presents at conferences worldwide. She has written numerous peer-reviewed articles for medical journals and has regularly spoken out about current medical practice in Australia.

Professor Cosford surrendered her medical license so that she could speak openly about the current medical situation and the threat it poses to peoples’ health and wellbeing.

Just back from Brazil, Professor Cosford will provide a public talk on the reality of medical practice in Australia today, in Norwood on Monday 11th July at 7.15pm.

Tickets will sell fast so get in soon!

For further information and ticketing go to –

The latest flyer for letterbox distribution

This flyer has been produced to help raise the awareness of the dangers of the Covid vaccine. We must stop this genocide.

To view the flyer in full please download the PDF’s below.

These can be printed out for distribution in your local area.

Your efforts are appreciated – remember every little bit helps. Save the children!


Download the flyer front page by clicking on the button below


Download the flyer back page by clicking on the button below

Tim’s Truth

Hundreds of known side effects in this document released by order of a US Court. The State and Federal Governments told every Australian the VAX / Shot Was Safe and Effective, WHAT A MASSIVE LIE
How can you trust anything that comes from the mouth of any government official? YOU CAN”T

View the Video For More Truth

The Freedom Game

Big Pharma, big media, big tech, big government all working together to strip away civil liberties and crush the spirits of freedom loving South Australians… seems like an unfair game, doesn’t it?

The dark forces have bribed, threatened and coerced you. Taken away your income, caused family divisions and mental trauma.

Fear not friends, no matter how dark it may appear we have a piece on the board that cannot be beaten and once played the nightmare ends.

That piece is called the TRUTH and as the saying goes “the truth shall set you free”. It’s only a matter of time.

Contact Adelaide Freedom Rally today if you are ready to take a stand for truth!

Register a New Stand In The Park

EVERY SUNDAY, 10 – 11am

Adelaide – Victoria Square Parklands (opp. Hilton)
Adelaide – Windsor Gardens (near the caravan park – in the shelter next to the playground)
Balhannah – Brockhoff Park
Bordertown – Memorial Park
Burra – Thomas Pickett Reserve (near playground)
Elizabeth – Fremont Park
Keith – Don Mosley Park
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Fridays from 5 – Plant 4 Bowden 

5 Third Street, Bowden


Join us for dinner Friday nights at Plant 4 in Bowden.

From 5pm – 10pm

Lots of eateries open and space to connect.

Lots of parking off second street in an unused lot.

We are usually located upstairs near the bar and balcony.  – our goals

At a Glance. Why we Do What We Do.


Adelaide Freedom Rally is a community of people seeking Common Sense, Reason and Respect in a time when questioning the narrative and science is censored.

We are dedicated to preserving the Freedom of all Australians by advocating for policy changes and action at the Federal, State, and Local level.

We currently have FOUR main objectives.

1. End all Coronavirus Restrictions:

  • No more lockdowns, mask mandates, 5km radius limit, curfew, work permits, or checkpoints. Remove each and every single coronavirus related restriction imposed by ANY Australian Government.
  • End the State of Disaster and State of Emergency declared in South Australia, and open all state borders to all travellers.
  • Dissolve the Ring of Steel, and permit free travel between Metropolitan Adelaide, and Regional Victoria.
  • Adopt a Swedish Style Herd Immunity strategy of voluntary protective measures for those vulnerable to the coronavirus.

    2. Pandemic Royal Commission:

    • Launch an independent and thorough investigation into the handling of the coronavirus response.
    • Find any evidence of criminal activity, conflicts of interest, corruption, and incompetence in the government and medical system.
    • All doctors that knowingly falsified death certificates for patients that did not die from coronavirus should be charged with fraud.
    • Hold everyone responsible for this self-imposed disaster criminally accountable.

    3. No Coerced Vaccinations:

    • If and when a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine is developed and produced, it must be the sole choice of every individual as to whether or not they take the vaccine.
    • No legal or financial pressure should be placed on any person to take a vaccine, and no business should use vaccination status as a means of discrimination against employees or customers.

    4. Full Refund of All Coronavirus Fines.

    • Every person in South Australia that has paid a fine for breaching a coronavirus related directive should receive a full refund for the amount paid.
    • All pending fines must be withdrawn in full.

    What Can I Do To Help?

    Probably the question we get asked the most is “What can I do to help?”  Here are some suggestions. For more ideas on how you can play your part contact us.

    Letterbox marketing

    A traditional way of ‘getting the message out’ letterbox drops are important to what we do. If you want to keep fit and further the cause of freedom, click the button below.

    Signs Down The Street

    Probably by now you have seen our eye catching signs down the street displaying important messages to passers by. We have SDTS groups in many location. Why not get involved in this innovative marketing initiative.

    Community Meetups

    Quick personal story. Early on when the tyranny started I felt a bit like I was the only one that ‘got it’ and did not have anyone to talk things over with. Today it’s totally different I have met so many wonderful people and developed great friendships. How ?? Meetup groups – highly recommended

    Letter writing

    Just to be clear, you don’t need to be an expert wordsmith, all you need to be able to do is write from the heart. All of us can do this and take the time to write to politicians, doctors, teachers your local council etc and let them know what you feel. There really is power in numbers here so consider getting involved – it all helps.

    Join Your Local Stand In The Park

    Another freedom initiative that is taking place all over the world. People coming together for an hour or two to chat and share ideas. Stand in the park groups offer great social support and anyone can start one . Get involved it’s fun.


    fundingEveryone that I know in this freedom movement and others around South Australia vounteer their time, expertise and resources for free. Everyting is either self funded or funded by kind contributions from our community. So if you can help us by making a contribution that would be greatly appreciated. No donation to small.

    To be part of our volunteer movement. Click the link below


    Meet Just Some Of Our Inspirational Speakers

    Kathy Scarborough
    Kathy Scarborough

    BSc (Pharmacology & Physiology) Grad. Dip Ed.

    Alex Antic
    Alex Antic

    Senator - Parliament of Australia

    AFR members


    Advocate The Red Union

    Graham Lyons
    Graham Lyons

    Research Scientist & Author

    Emma McArthur
    Emma McArthur

    Home Maker with 3 Children

    Are you involve in organising freedom based events?
    Tim Dwyer
    Tim Dwyer

    Farmer and Publican

    Elizabeth Hart
    Elizabeth Hart

    Independent Researcher

    Ammun Luca
    Ammun Luca

    Lived Experience - Vaccine Injury

    Become an Adelaide Freedom Rally sponsor.
    Allan Novak
    Allan Novak

    Medical Warrior

    Simon Forest
    Simon Forest


    Children and The Vaccine

    My fellow South Australians and indeed all of humanity across the world, we have a crisis on our hands equal to any experienced in all of our history.

    We simply have to stand up and speak out about the evil act of injecting our children, our future, with an experimental medical procedure.

    We ask you to click the button below and download the PDF, print as many copies as you can and distribute them far and wide. Do it NOW for the sake of our beautiful children.

    Never Forget

    We understand just how difficult life is for so many South Australians.

    You have been bullied, coerced, threatened and in many cases have lost long time friends. Even sadder you may feel distant from your loved ones who just don’t see what is really going on.

    Please know this you are not alone, there are thousands of us forming new friendships and our own communities based on respect, love and support.

    Together we will make it to the other side.

    It Makes Sense

    The newsletter will be coming out monthly, or whenever there is some important news to share. The newsletter will be focused on South Australian events and positive community based actions. So please enter your details in the form below and join thousands of like minded South Australains. Thanks

    News and Events

    Be the first to know about freedom news and events in South Australia

    We don’t spam or share your details ever!

    Other Local Freedom Movements


    SAIF – South Australian Information for Freedom provides an extensive directory of useful and practical information with a focus on real world community solutions.

    Guardians SA

    Guardians SA has it’s focus on our children and offering support and advice to parents. We recommend everyone to join their ever growing facebook group.

    Adelaide Rises

    Another SA based facebook group that is active in our community. Their wide ranging initiatives include social meetups, community events and fund raising for worthy causes.

    The people at are true social justice warriors who look way beyond the media narrative and explore corruption and deceit hidden by the political system.

    We Say Tyranny Stops NOW!

    Contact Adelaide

    Freedom Rally

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