For those who would prefer to donate through a direct bank transfer, here are the account details.

Account Name: Vaccination Information SA
BSB: 065 522

Welcome to the Adelaide Freedom Rally Donation Page



The team at AFR have for so long held off asking our community for donations, however the time has come when we need your help.

Also the freedom movement in South Australia now consists of many groups each with their own specific interests an goals. The challenges they have is much the same as those faced by AFR with the principal one being funds for campaigns. We believe that by setting up this donations page each group can inform us of their campaign and together we can help solve this issue.

In brief this is AFR working as a platform to support all those active in promoting the freedom cause and the best way to look at is that in the words of the song “we are one but we are many”. So carry on the good work promoting your causes but remember we are one and please know you are welcome to use this platform as it is your own (subject to reasonable terms and conditions)


Many of our members are keen to distribute flyers and/or raise funds for specific campaigns. To do this obviously requires funding. With your help we can collect funds for these campaigns and then activate our wonderful volunteers to assist with the distribution.

The campaigns

You will see a list of current campaigns once you click on the “I would like this donation to go to a specific fund” This check box is located in the Donation information section directly under the “donation in the amount of text”.


If you or your group have a campaign that you would like to raise funds for please contact us to discuss the suitability for it to be included in the available options.

The Funds

If you to donate but do not have a specific campaign in mind you can donate to the option called AFR general. In this case we shall use the funds to finance our current initiative plus the running costs of AFR. These costs include our email server expenses, website hosting, product development, equipment hire for the rallys and other direct expenses.

Please be aware that all donations will go towards actual costs. None of these funds will be used to compensate for the individual expenses of the administrators as we all donate our time on volunteer basis.

The funds for campaigns run outside of AFR will be dispersed to the organisers of those campaigns on the last working day of the month.

If you have any questions or would like to propose a campaign for inclusion on this website we can be contacted on the following email. Please include the word campaign in the subject line of your email.

EmailĀ  admin@adelaidefreedomrally.com

Current Campaigns

Adelaide freedom rally are currently raising funds for the following campaigns