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If you are able to help the Freedom focused parties running in this election it will be much appreciated. We all know what can happen so let’s do everything  possible to ensure that this election is conducted the way it should be.

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How to Vote Cards

The Australian Federation Party’s ethos is to restore genuine representation of the people by the people. To put your voice back into parliament. We have innovative policy that will empower you, protect your children, restore our economy, our environment & your freedoms. Our party was created from the unity of many smaller parties, Independents, and community lobby groups to protect YOU. We have enough candidates & support services and a powerful platform to restore your voice and offer a genuine third choice, capable of governing

Letter for registered post.

This document is the letter and evidence collected by Mr. Brian William Shaw to demonstrate the illegal changes (Changes carried out by politicians without referendum) that our Australian politicians have made to our Australian Constitution without the consent of the electoral constituents (meaning we the people).
All changes to our Australian constitution can only be made after those changes have been carried by a vote of the people by way of referendum.

This letter contains both the letter of NOTICE and KNOWLEDGE to the Australian Electoral Commission lodged by Mr. Shaw (pages 1-6) and is followed (Pages 7 -10) with the body of collected evidence of the Acts in our Australian Constitution that have been altered, and the words that have been amended without the consent of the Australian electorate.

Notice and Knowledge

Letter for registered post

Removal of the Crown data collection form.

This document can be used by you and any number of family, friends, and associates to sign and simply send by mail, deliver by hand, or lodge directly upon the website of the Australian Electoral Commission at the following website:
This is so that you and any other active participant can simply inform the Australian Electoral Commission that you are aware that fraud has been perpetrated on the Australian community asking that the High Court of Australia impose an injunction re the current 2022 Federal Election.
(Injunction: An equitable court order requiring the party to whom it is addressed either to do something or to refrain from doing something.)

Notice and Knowledge

Removal of the Crown. Data collection form