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Adelaide Honours the National Day – Saturday May 29

Adelaide March for Freedom May 29

We invite you to meet in Rundle Mall at Malls Balls at 12 noon on Saturday, 29th May, for a stroll through Adelaide holding placards and handing out flyers to demonstrate our right to freedom of choice.

Saturday May 29 - Freedom Rally

Come join us and walk with the rest of Australia on this national day of demonstration.  Share in the protest against any mandated medicine and vaccine passports (because COVID vax would only be the start) and any other coercive freedom-robbing measure the government “health department” want to force on South Australians.

Please come along and support each other in our united march for freedom.


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Adelaide Honours the National Day – Saturday May 29

Date: May 29, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: Meet at Malls Balls, Rundle Mall, City Centre