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Breathe Free Gathering Department for Education – 13 September 2021

Masks in South Australian Schools

Guard your children’s health & right to breathe free

Breathe Free Gathering

Monday 13th September 2021
Department for Education
31 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000

SA Health Emergency Management
Activities General No3 – Covid-19 Direction 2021 states page 26; Part 8; Masks; 22 (2)
Does not apply at a primary or secondary school (including in relation to staff in school)”

What can you do?

  1. Acknowledge that a requirement is not mandatory
  2. Inform your school principal in writing that your child will no longer be wearing a mask
Nicola Spurrier (CHO)
has determined that children are required to wear masks in schools.
The Department for Education
has implied it is now a requirement, which is backed by SA Health.
SA Health
says masks in school are at the discretion of the principal
The principal
says they are following directions from the Department for Education.
have said “The Direction does not state that it is mandatory for masks in high schools”

Download the Flyer here:

Breathe Free Gathering Department for Education – 13 September 2021

Date: September 13, 2021

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Department for Education

Raina Cruise

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Kathy Scarborough

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Stuart Lindsay

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Ammun Lucas

Ammun Luca

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