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Stand Up Australia Tour – ADELAIDE

Vaccine Choice Australia is asking Australians to stand-up to ensure we have choice, without coercion, when it comes to ALL vaccines.


The Stand Up tour, is asking Australians to Stand Up.

The Federal Election is coming.

We must make a STAND, UNITE and LEVERAGE change.

  • NO Coercive or Mandatory Vaccination Policies
  • NO Vaccination Passports
  • NO Mandatory Workplace Vaccinations
  • NO Misleading Narrative from Government
  • NO Misleading & Deceptive Advertising Programs
  • NO Refusal to Accept the Existence of Vaccine Injuries
  • NO Refusal to Implement Proper Informed Consent
  • NO Labelling Free Choice as ‘Anti-Vax’
  • NO ‘New Normal’
  • NO more No Jab, No Pay/Play

We have a plan and we are implementing it NOW.

This seminar has one purpose in mind. To bring change collectively. We are in this together. We have to fight now, not only for Freedom (including Medical Freedom) and Personal Sovereignty but for Representative Democracy itself.

Our elected government members have lost their way and it’s time to bring them to account and flex the very heart of a democratic society, people power.

Get informed and take action

This seminar is designed to INFORM you, ACTIVATE you and provide PRACTICAL ways for you to STAND-UP and be a force both individually and collectively.

The evidence is before our eyes and we can wait no longer.

What you will learn at this Stand Up Australia event:

1. Get Informed About the Impact of COVID Policies on You & Your Family
2. Learn the ‘Must Knows’ about the COVID Vaccines
3. Determine How You Can Activate to Fight the things that Worry you Most
4. Build you own Personal Activation Program
5. Understand How our Democracy Works and How You can Stand-Up and be Heard in the System
6. Be Part of a Historic Program of Change

Together we will make a difference

We need YOU and YOUR FRIENDS to join with us as we tour Australia to unite our community that will not tolerate loss of freedom and rights. We must do it now for the future well being of our families and children.

We will open the doors at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start and we expect the event to go for around 3 hours finishing by 9.30pm

The venue will be in Adelaide in a central location.
We are asking for a small contribution to cover costs.
We will be available for questions after the event.
We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions please
email us at – admin@vaccinechoiceaustralia.com.au
or call Jasmin on 0452 607 267 or Ruby on 0412 309 571

Vaccine Choice Australia Team

Stand Up Australia Tour – ADELAIDE

Date: April 28, 2021

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: TBA