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World Wide Rally for Freedom

WWR for Freedom
Leave our kids alone

One of Adelaide’s biggest turnouts

Despite the forecast of rain, approximately 4000 South Australian’s turned up to Rundle Park to stand in peaceful protest against the threat of medical tyranny, coercion and unlawful loss of freedoms. The light rain came and everyone stayed – we will not be deterred.

After a number of powerful and informative speeches the crowd took to the streets and marched up North Terrace, along King William Street then down Grenfell Street leading back to the park.

Thank you to SAPOL for holding back the traffic and keeping us safe while we demonstrated our right to protest against our governments overreaching, disproportionate “control” measures, on the same day the rest of the world also marched in protest.

Below are still captures and videos from the day.  Please find a couple of pictures to share on your social feeds & emails and start a conversation on why your freedom and choice counts for you.

Share the F word – FREEDOM!

World Wide Rally for Freedom

Date: September 18, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: Rundle park / Kadlitpina

Simon Forest

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Raina Cruise

Medical Freedom Warriors
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Kathy Scarborough

Kathryn Scarborough

BSc (Pharmacology & Physiology) Grad. Dip Ed.
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Stuart Lindsay

Stuart Lindsay

Retired Federal Circuit Court Judge
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TIm Dwyer

Tim Dwyer

Farmer and Publican
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