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Worldwide Rally for Freedom – Adelaide – May 2021

Worldwide Freedom Rally - Adelaide

On Saturday May 15th, 2021, come and be part THE WORLDWIDE UNITED STAND FOR FREEDOM. For 24 HOURS somewhere in the world, people will be standing up in global solidarity for freedom in all it’s forms. In Adelaide we will be gathering for a picnic with guest speakers at Pityarilla Park in the South Parklands of Adelaide, just off of Glen Osmond Road.

Please join us and show your support. Bring your family and your picnic basket and share an afternoon of friendship.

This gathering is to express and share our right for freedom, peace and the choice over what enters your body, without being coerced by government, workplace, school, travel or any other institution or place. The freedom and right to question government decisions without prejudice or censorship.

To stay silent is to consent to the coercion and restrictions, both now and in the future. NOW is the time to join in and stand up for FREEDOM.


The Speaker Line-up from the day

Adelaide came together for a few moments of meditation before the speeches.

Click Here to watch Facebook Live capture of the event

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Worldwide Rally for Freedom – Adelaide – May 2021

Date: May 15, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: Pityarilla Park, South Parklands, Glen Osmond Rd., Adelaide