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South Australian Judicial Review

At this time, a potentially effective remedy to stop mandated medicine for all employees will be to challenge the legal standing of the Directions through a Judicial Review in the Supreme Court of South Australia.

Success is not guaranteed, but with so much at stake we are putting together a passionate team of experts to give us the best chance possible. You can help us by donating to the Trust Fund to assist in covering the costs.

AFR - Judicial Review update

“Taking advantage of any Judicial remedy is really important…this is a tool, it’s a mechanism we’ve got to make the best use of.”
Stuart Lindsay

Accepting Donations Now

$116,000+ in donations received

We can accept donations into the trust fund via electronic funds transfer (EFT) ie. bank transfer or you can post a cheque to the solicitor. We are unable to accept donations via credit card.  Please follow the instructions on the donations page.

All transactions have to be receipted so we would appreciate donations greater than $200 if you can, so as not to overwhelm our solicitor’s office with smaller donations, but don’t let that stop you from making smaller donations if that’s all you can spare.

A potential way around smaller donations is to maybe get together with a bunch of friends, “pass the hat around” and make one larger pooled donation via EFT.

Please be aware we are not a charity and donations are NOT tax deductible.

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Information Videos

Latest update by Stuart Lindsay from December 4, 2021

Click on the video below, it may take a few moments to load.  If you like, below this video you will find a download link to watch offline and share.

Download Dec 4th video here

The Initial Announcement

On Saturday 16th October 2021, Retired Judge, Stuart Lindsay, on the steps of Parliament House, announced the only potential remedy to combat the current mandatory vaccination Directions for health care & aged care workers is a Judicial Review (JR).

Stuart opened by stating:

Here we are experiencing all the things we never though would ever happen.
All the things we thought someone else was going to fix.
All the things we thought would affect other people, but wouldn’t affect ourselves.
Our governments and our health authorities couldn’t surely be that irrational.
They surely couldn’t be that authoritarian.
They surely couldn’t be that cruel…
We were wrong about all of it.

Help Us Defend Your FREEDOMS

Before they’re completely eroded.

Video 1: Judicial Review announcement by Stuart Lindsay

Since the announcement, the Adelaide Freedom Rally (AFR) team has been hurriedly working with Stuart to make this potentially liberating action move at the quickest pace possible.  We need your help to raise the FUNDS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN – we need your financial support.


Fundraising & Information Events

We held our first fundraising event 3 days after the official announcement, we had so many requests to attend that we couldn’t fit everyone in the venue.  We recorded the sessions so no one would miss out on the information Stuart shared.

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You will find these video’s below. We are a small team of volunteers who pulled this together fast so please excuse the “quality” of the videos!  The content is what is important.

Video 2: Judicial Review Information Session 1


Video 3: Judicial Review Information Session 2

Video 4: Judicial Review Information Session 3

“Taking advantage of any Judicial remedy is really important…this is a tool, it’s a mechanism we’ve got to make the best use of”
Stuart Lindsay


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