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Budesonide for early treatment of COVID-19 symptoms

February 19, 2021

This is IMPORTANT because if a successful EARLY TREATMENT for COVID-19 was found then this "pandemic" is over!  Preventing hospitalisation was the focus of front line doctors and helping treat their patient's symptoms to make them more comfortable.  Breathing issues was something they come up against.

Budesonide - early treatment for COVID-19

Budesonide: An Early Treatment of COVID-19 Symptoms

Those of us who have been following the COVID-19 trail from it’s inception have come across many front line doctors “screaming” out about about how they have successfully assisted their patients presenting with symptoms attributed to the disease called COVID-19. These EARLY intervention treatments have prevented the disease process from escalating and thus preventing hospitalisation.  Early treatment was focus of many front line emergency doctors and GP’s.

Finding an Early Treatment to Prevent Hospitalisation Means The Pandemic is OVER!

This is IMPORTANT because if a successful EARLY TREATMENT for COVID-19 is found then this “pandemic” is over!  How many COVID-19 patients died before they reached hospital?

Stabilising patients and preventing hospitalisation was the focus of front line doctors, where in the emergency room breathing issues was a consistent symptom Dr Bartlett came across.

So these doctors hit the books, prayed and searched for ways to relieve symptoms using existing tools to relieve symptoms, and Dr Bartlett found one.

The Budesonide story is one you need to know about

Nebulised Budesonide was “discovered” early in the pandemic (March 2020) to address the breathing issues that many patients presented with in the United States – the country that was said to be hardest hit by COVID-19 deaths!  If early symptoms weren’t addressed then patients could escalate to a cytokine storm of inflammatory chemicals leading to the need for ICU hosptilisation.

Budesonide is a 25 year old drug, it’s used by many millions of people every day to treat their asthma, its been used on babies through to fragile elderly without any trouble.

When you use budesonide, it’s almost like putting a wet blanket over a fire.  It decreases the release of those inflammatory chemicals, and that buys time for the bodies immune system to kill off the virus.
Dr Richard Bartlett, MD

Information about this potentially life saving, cheap and symptom reducing product was censored and belittled by the media and the “authorities”.  You really have to ask why?  This drug is a known product with a vast history of scientific literature and known potential side effects (which are few) – that appeared to remedy a problem in the beginning of a “pandemic”.

“…I am heartened that a relatively safe, widely available and well studied medicine such as an inhaled steroid [budesonide] could have an impact on the pressures we are experiencing during the pandemic.
Professor Mona Bafadhel of Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

What if we had an early treatment for COVID-19

Repurposing an existing, off-patent, cheap drug was not part of the “solution” they wanted us to know about.  Remember from the outset the “experts” said we won’t get out of this without a vaccine?  How did they know this?  Wasn’t this meant to be a new disease?

West Texas Doctor Richard Bartlett MD reported great success with his protocol in treating COVID-19 patients when treatment began early, rather than when patients start having difficulties. Early treatment is common in virtually all illnesses including common flu BUT no early treatment has been suggested as part of any protocol for COVID-19.  This should concern everyone.  Did this suggested avoidance of any early intervention by the “medical establishment” in the USA contribute to their “high” death numbers attributed to COVID-19?

Thankfully Front line doctors didn’t listen to everything their “medical experts” had to say!

Oxford University Clinical Trials Prove Budesonide Works

Well now, March 2021, there are clinical trials to prove that budesonide works to curb the symptoms of COVID-19, preventing hospitalisation and the escalation of the disease process.  According to Dr Bartlett, the emergency medicine doctor who “discovered” this treatment, the Oxford trials had to be cut short because the treated group (versus the control group with no budesonide) were clearly helped with the drug, they couldn’t ethically hold it back from the untreated group.  Imagine how many people struggling to breath over the past 10-12 months could have been assisted, prevented from hospitalisation and maybe saved?

You can read more about budesonide at this website and find links to the medical literature.
Click here to go direct to the early phase 2 study done by Oxford early 2021.
Click here for Case study Report by Dr Richard Bartlett and Alexandria Watkins

Dr Bartlett talks about the Oxford trial (March 2021)

Watch Video Testimony by Dr Richard Bartlett

Following is a collection of video’s about Budesonide.  These are not easy to find on YouTube, and may at some point get taken down.  We’ll try to put links to alternate channels below too in case these go down.

Following are some of the interviews that Dr Richard Bartlett an Emergency Medicine Doctor from Texas, gave early on in the pandemic to try to get this information out.  These are just a small segment of what is out there, at this stage they appear to still be up on YouTube.

Take the time to watch at least this first video.

July 2020 – Dr Bartlett’s Story of Budesonide Discovery

Panic Porn; Dr. Richard Bartlett; Independence Day Brilliance 7.2.20
YouTube Channel: America Can We Talk
Published: July 3, 2020

August 2020:  Dr. Richard Bartlett on inhaled steroid Budesonide and Covid-19

YouTube Channel: Drbeen Medical Lectures

June 2020:  The “Silver Bullet” For COVID-19 – Dr Richard Bartlett


July 2020: Dr. Richard Bartlett on inhaled steroid Budesonide and Covid-19

Trying Everything to get the word out

Dr Bartlett was getting heavily censored from the monopoly platforms, that he made contact with the Documentary creators of Out Of Shadows, and put a POWERFUL 9 minute, downloadable video on their homepage to help spread the word of hope.  In this video you will hear him describes how his interviews were heard by other hospital staff in other states and they employed the treatment strategy and emptied an ICU in 48 hours!

March 2021: Oxford Trial of Budesonide