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Freedom Rally 24 July 2021 – Australia

July 24, 2021

Footage from across Australia on World Wide Freedom Day

World wide freedom day 24 july 2021 across Australia

While South Australia began Lockdown direction on 20th July, we have postponed our rally convoy, but are watching our fellow Australian’s standing up on Worldwide Freedom Rally Day today.  Tens of thousands have assembled to peacefully protest the unprecedented measures against our freedoms.

A collection of photo below to show the large numbers who turned out in the various cities.  This is not a few thousand, this is tens of thousands of Australians.


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What it’s like to report on the ground!




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Sydney photo_2021-07-24




Edit: July 29, 2021

Reports of families starving and people and small business have lost their incomes due to lockdowns.  That’s why people breached COVID-19 restrictions and came out and marched together to show just how many citizens disagree with the governments actions.

A perspective on masks and that protest’s are ‘safe’ depending on the purpose:  BLM or climate change are ok, but upholding Freedoms is not.  Alan Jones Jul 27, 2021