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Help keep big business honest

September 21, 2021

Businesses have been found promoting false information to the public regarding mask wearing. When you see such activities point it out to them, ask them to remove their misleading statements or you will report them to the authorities.

Help keep big business honest

Correct the promotion of false information

One of our informed freedom warriors came across a store in Adelaide promoting false information about mask wearing so they politely corrected them and informed them if they do not desist misleading the public with their false claims then they will be reported to Consumer and Business Affairs.

If you too see misleading information promoted by any business please make the effort to correct their error.

The sign with misleading information

Sign with misleading information
Stores can require mask on faces inside their stores or potties on heads if they choose, but it is a lie to state that masks must be worn outside the home. For the public who don’t take the time to read the “state of emergency” directions, then they may simply believe this false statement and wear a mask everywhere because they believe it is the “rules”. 

misleading claim

False claims are reportable

When you see such claims, based on current directions, please announce this clearly and politely inside the store, making staff and customers know the error in their claim.  Inform them if they do not desist in false public announcements then they will be reported to Consumer and Business Affairs.

Our warrior informed us that some of the customers were smiling broadly (under their mask!) when the announcement was made.  People know and they should speak up!

How to read the Directions relating to masks

While SA is under a declared State of Emergency, the directions handed down by the State Coordinator are what citizens are obliged to follow.  At this moment in time there is no clause in the South Australian directions which states that mask wearing out doors is mandatory.

Lets prove it:

To locate current directions for South Australia visit this page: and navigate to “activities” tab

As of today SA is currently at Level 1 restrictions

Navigate to the current document either in PDF or Word document format to open.

current directions

Wearing masks is not mandatory outside the home

Now navigate down to page 27 of the pdf document and you will find clause 23(4) states “A mask is not require to be worn outdoors if the physical distancing principle is complied with.”

masks outdoors


So this store is misleading the public with the claim upon entering the store that “Government rules require that fitted face masks must be worn when outside the home.”

Help keep big business honest

Please help correct businesses, particularly Big business, who make false statements that mislead the public.

If you want to find out how to read the current directions relating to primary and secondary schools click here.   You may be shocked to find that the directions conclude that they are exempt of wearing masks!