Vaccine Reactions Form

Post-jab magnetism

July 8, 2021

Around mid May 2021 self-recorded "magnetism" videos began emerging on social media showing metal objects "sticking" to COVID jab sites. This page captures videos that could explain this phenomenon.

Magnetism and mind control

What could explain the magnetic effect post jab?

Around mid May 2021 self-recorded “magnetism” videos began emerging on social media around the world showing metal objects “sticking” to COVID jab sites, and some even all over their body!   There were so many videos, it needed to be investigated.

This seems ridiculous, why would a vaccine make you magnetic, and of course it was debunked and authorities claimed it was untrue.  But could this phenomenon be explained?  Is there something in these COVID jabs that would cause your body to become magnetic?

On this page we have included videos to show that the technology does exists, that could create a magnetic fields in a body.  Did manufactures secretly put this into the ‘vaccines’?  Do our regulators know these magnetising ingredients are in there?

This web page will capture leads and information that chronologically builds the story.

More videos added below as we become aware of them

You decide for yourself!

Demonstrations of magnetism

Compilation of video’s showing magnets sticking to arms

Videos from May 2021


The COVID vaccine magnet challenge

The Highwire  – 20 May 2021


Luxembourg shopping mall survey

June 2021

A study was conducted in a Luxembourg mall to assess the magnetism of COVID vaccinated vs unvaccinated random people visiting a shopping area.

Read the study for yourself here.

  • Unvaccinated – zero out of 30 were magnetic
  • Vaccinated – 29 out of 30 the magnet stuck to atleast one arm

It didn’t matter what brand COVID vaccine was used: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J&J or Moderna.

The volunteers were asked to have an electro-magnetic field test done.  “It was found that vaccinated individuals do give off an electromagnetic field and that the earlier the individuals were vaccinated, the stronger the field they gave off.”  They also commented that “it was extremely difficult to find individuals willing to play along with this extremely disorienting experiment.” 

Those who got vaccinated often expressed their reasoning was “ in the hope of returning to a normal life and being able to travel freely again”, not for health reasons!  They then describe this act [of COVID vaccination] as: “mistake, madness, loophole, solution, or even blackmail”.

The survey stopped early because “the investigator is no longer able to cope with the helplessness of people whose faces become petrified when they realise that they have been injected with a substance of which they know nothing.”

And then realising “the act of vaccination being an irreversible act.”


What ingredient could explain this magnetism, and for what purpose?

Investigative journalist find evidence of magnetism technology

June 7, 2021

Dr Jane Ruby speaks with Stew Peters about magnetism being intentionally added to the COVID ‘Vaccine’, a technology which is used to force the mRNA through the entire body!   “It’s real and undeniable now” she says, and there is an entire science in the literature about it, called magnetofection which is a super gene delivery tool.  The CDC deny this magnetic effect in the COVID vaccines.  Dr. Ruby says, “They’re lying”, decide for yourself based on their history, do your own research.

She introduces SPIONS which is an acronym for superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles,  “this technology is being put in and around the lipid nanoparticle envelope to get the mRNA into the cells”!

She speaks about the Berlin based company Chemicell who is a manufacturer of this technology.  Their DISCLAIMER: “The magnetofection reagents and all of it’s components are developed, designed and intended and sold for research use only, they are not to be used for any human diagnostic, or any drug intended for humans”.

PCR test kit manufacturer who is owned by Christian Drosten- connected to magnetism

June 17, 2021

Dr Jane Ruby on Stew Peter’s show, reveals more connections that throw up red flags.  Jane speaks about the Berlin based company Chemicell who is a manufacturer magnetofection technology  and has links to virologist, Christian Drosten, who if you remember is responsible for the “45 cycle” recommendation of the COVID PCR tests that is used world wide [1, 2, 3, 4].  Drosten happens to own a PCR test kit manufacturing company in Berlin, a definite conflict of interest.


Magnetism-Mind Control Connection

June 17, 2021

Deep dive into magnetic nano-materials in the Jabs, Masks & Swabs.  Amazing Polly did a deep dive into this magnetic phenomenon. Included is a short montage of videos where magnets are sticking to people’s bodies.

Some of the topics covered in the above video:

  • Dr Persinger’s 2011 God Helmet video on magnetic and electronic stimulation for mind control to induce certain emotions in people, namely FEAR.
    He stated “War 2020 will be won without so much as a whimper, let alone a bang”.  The research around this topic has advanced sing 2011.
  • 2014 the NIH publishedSuperparamagnetic nanoparticle deliver of DNA vaccine”
  • 2013 paper introducing SPIONS which are used to deliver genes via magnetofection – magnetism pulls the particle into the cell
  • 2017 paper “Is magnetogenetics the new optogenetics?”
  • 2019 paper “Magnetic strategies for nervous system control” looking at controlling neural activity wirelessly
  • 2015 Guduru et al “Nanoscale magnetoelectric composite materials”
  • 2015 paper in the journal Nanoscale: “Polymer embedded with metallic nanopartcles enables soft robotics.” – North Carolina researchers developed a technique for embedding nanoparticles of magnetite (an iron oxide) into a polymer so that when the material comes near a magnetic field the polymer moves.  Remote controlled soft robotics
  • Definition of soft robotics – “…the core technology to blur the boundary between humans, robots, and the distribution of physical labor”

MAGNETISM – Vaxxed, Un-Vaxxed, Food – What’s Happening? Who’s Behind ‘Graphene Flagship’?
July 1, 2021

Spanish Scientist examine contents of Pfizer CV Vaccine

July 5, 2021


Scientists in Spain have been analysing the contents of the COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer. A sealed vial went through a law enforcement chain of custody, it was diluted according to manufactures directions and analysed.

They published and interim document that has been translated into English called “Graphene oxide detection in aqueous suspension, observational study in optical and electron microscopy”.

They found mRNA at 6ng/uL, and graphene oxide at 747ng/uL per injectable 0.3mL dose.   There is 1000 uL per 1mL
Note: when following the dilution preparation the multi vial contains 2.25mL total solution which 6 doses are extracted at 0.3mL per injection.
They inspected the black mesh under light and electron microscopy and took pictures of their findings.
Bare in mind that graphene oxide is toxic!

The Spanish scientist who refer to themselves by the name “The Fifth Column Group”, which interestingly has deep historical meaning for Spain.


Pfizer vaccine vial analysis

According to the results of the UV fluorescence analysis, the peak reached by the nanomaterial present in the vial corresponds perfectly to that of graphene oxide (340 nm).

AstraZeneca ‘Vaccine’ Vials Examined by Researchers Confirm TOXIC POISON

July 7, 2021

Reports of examination of more COVID-19 vials by labs around the world.  Another group in Spain has said to have gotten hold of an AstraZeneca vaccine [2] vial and are looking at this too under the microscopes. an English translation and news service has purported to have put together the preliminary report.

AstraZeneca Vaccine vial analysis

July 8, 2021

Graphene oxide and frequencies as reported by the Spanish scientists.  La Quinta Columna has claims to be getting closer to finding a study that will help them prove their hypothesis on neuromodulation through graphene and link to EMF.

Graphene oxide also found in flu vaccine

This Spanish researchers are clearly looking deeper into other vaccines.  They have said to have found graphene oxide in a flu vaccine Vaxigrip Tetra.
July 18, 2021


Graphene oxide is completely altering our electromagnetic field

Excerpts of Andreas Kalcker, a biophysicist in the below video, with English subtitles.
July 22, 2021
Article and transcript here.  Original Spanish video here.

Dr Kalcker’s team confirms the presence of graphene oxide in all COVID vaccine brands [tested].  Why is it there?

Article from Global Research

Graphene oxide is toxic to humans

After push back from MSM and fact checkers trying to discount that graphene oxide has been found in Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines, Stew Peter’s et al dig a little further.

Graphene oxide is considered a propitiatory, trade secret ingredient in the COVID-19 vaccines!  As it is a known toxin to humans.  Graphene oxide is also the main ingredient in the controversial hydrogel. [5, 6]  Hydrogel is mentioned in Moderna’s patent.  It is a great conductor of electricity and it can host a magnetic field, so it can connect you to your smart phone or the internet!   This information gives more weight to the concern for the Microsoft 666 patent.

It is confirmed “100%” that graphene oxide is in the mRNA vaccines said Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and data analyst as she presents her findings from the following interview with Stew Peters.

PEGynated lipids (PEG lipids) contain graphene oxide.  PEG stands for polyethylene glycol and the lipid is the synthetic fat nano molecules that form a shield around the mRNAs.  There are 4 lipids in this nanoparticle shown blow.  The lipid protects the fragile mRNA’s and allows for them to penetrate the cells.

Diagram of the lipid nanoparticles surrounding the mRNA
Graphene oxide is at least being considered in corona vaccines, as shown by this Shanghai September 2020 patent application CN112220919A:  “Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier”.