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Pregnancy and The Shot

July 27, 2021

Data from a NEJM published paper shows that 82% of pregnancies ended in spontaneous abortions following COVID-19 jabs.

82% chance of losing your baby

When the vaccine trials conducted in mid 2020 for the COVID jabs did not include pregnant women or those who were breastfeeding, yet right after the injections were released under Emergency Use Authorisation they were promoted as safe for pregnant women – with no data to support this claim, just “experts believe it is safe”.

Are COVID jabs safe and effective during pregnancy!

Pregnant woman smoking vs pregnant woman receiving a jab

REVEALED: 82% Chance of miscarriage following COVID jab

A June 2021 paper (archive) was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) concluded that  “preliminary findings did not show obvious safety signals among pregnant persons who received mRNA Covid-19 vaccines”.

They presented their data in such a way that no difference in miscarriage rates were obvious.  This is a demonstration of how to lie with statistics.

This paper revealed that when you look at the number of “spontaneous abortions” following COVID jab and compare this to the background rate of 10-26%, they stated that 12.6% was within normal limits.  Except they calculated this incorrectly!

A closer look at the data set shows that 700 participants out of total of 827 received their first jab in their third trimester which according to their scale, these participants should be allocated to potential “stillbirth” grouping and should not be included in the “spontaneous abortion” group. Which leaves a total of 127 participants (827 minus 700) that received their first jab while in their first 20 weeks of pregnancy.  In this group there were 104 spontaneous abortions.  That is 104 out of a total of 127, or 81.9%.

So their true data shows that 82% of pregnant mothers who received a COVID jab in their first 20 weeks of pregnancy, spontaneously aborted their baby.

Letter to the editor of NEJM reveals the mistake.  Archive of this below chart here

NEJM correctionEdited: Upon revisiting this paper in September 2021 they have made the published incidence for spontaneous abortion “not applicable”.  They have also altered then number of participants in the spontaneous abortion from 1 & 2 trimester from 127 to who knows!  The numbers don’t make sense.

Of 827 participants, 700 were in 3rd trimester leaving 127 remaining in received their first dose in 1st or 2nd trimester.  724 total survival means 827-724 died which is 103.  There were 104 spontaneous abortions (<20 weeks), of which 92.3% occurred before 13 weeks.  The numbers are out, 104 (<20 weeks) is more than 103 total deaths.

It appears they have purposely made the data hard to interpret.

Table 4 Sept 2021 - which they updated at some point


This is explained in The Highwire episode:

June 24, 2021

Is there an explanation for miscarriage?

Just a quick summary for now:

  • Japanese FOIA by Dr Byram Bridle showed that the lipid nanoparticles do not stay at the injection site but alarmingly accumulate in the ovaries.  Dr Malone talks about this in this interview. [1]
  • Other fertility concerns were raised in early 2021, especially with unknown risks to placenta.