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Printable Flyers

May 17, 2021

Here you will find flyers for you to print and distribute respectfully within your community to help share your views with your neighbours and friends.

Download Printable Flyers Here

Downloadable Communication Aids

Many of us here at Adelaide Freedom Rally woke up to the global “pandemic” shenanigans in early 2020 (some of us 25 or more years before then!), because amongst many things the narrative just didn’t add up!  So we went searching for answers.

The sad fact appears to be that most of our population couldn’t be bothered questioning the narrative and restrictions that have been imposed on their freedoms.  They’re either plagued with fear or apathy, which is so sad.  Most are content to simply believe what comes out of the tell-a-vision or main stream print.

It is our duty as citizens of Australia to question our government representatives.  Remember, they are there to represent the people, not their own self or party interests, or that of another entity.  Did they teach you that at school?  Probably not…which seemingly is by design!

Share your artwork

If you have designed a poster, MEME, flyer that you think would be helpful to share with our community please use our web form to get it to us.

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Tools to help spread the message

We are adding to this page printable aids to help you, a concerned citizen of Australia, to share in their community top raise awareness of how our freedoms are being taken away.

Feel free to print and distribute these flyers respectfully in your community.

History Leaves Clues

Help alert the masses to how the world really works, because FACTS are not waking them up.

Printable flyer for letterbox drops

History leaves clues image

More information and download links HERE

Mini Flyer: Compliance is a Health Hazard

Print onto A4.  There are 4 mini flyers per sheet.
Cut before you distribute.


Compliance is a Health Hazard


Pandemic Summary – The Censored Stuff

Download this 8 page document containing links to videos and documents that have been censored.
Research for yourself.  This is but a starting point.

DOWNLOAD HEREDownload 8 pg Resource

The Hidden Truth – Issue 1

Printable 1 page flyer you can use to enlighten your community on facts.
Download, print and distribute

Death number with co-morbitities
PCR test:  why a positive doesn’t mean infection
Vaccine Relative Risk vs Absolute Risk
Vaccine issues (including death) that you’re not allowed to talk about


The Hidden Truth - newsletter