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Say no to mandatory masks for our children

July 27, 2021

Mask wearing has come to South Australia. We are just coming out of a 7 day lockdown, and now they're making masks mandatory for high school students! But it's not the government, SA Health has simply claimed authority,

SAY no for the Children

Mask wearing has come to South Australia. We are just coming out of a 7 day lockdown, and now they’re making masks mandatory for high school students!

Edited 28th July 2021: 
Now that we’ve had time to digest yesterdays media announcement of masking our school children, we can confirm that this “recommendation” is not coming from the Police Commisioner as a direction under the Emergency Act, but rather SA Health have claimed authority!

In the latest Direction under the State of Emergency it is clear that primary and secondary school children DO NOT have to wear masks.

We’ve provided an explanation of how this is fact in a document that you can download by clicking the button below.  This will help you understand how to read the directions for other announcements.

How to Read Directions for Masks

And so it begins in South Australia, wearing masks when we know they do nothing to stop the spread, but is a sign of social control.

Now is the time to push back.

Say NO to mandatory masks for our children


Take Action

Please call the Department for Education on 8226 1000 and lodge a complaint.

Even if your children aren’t in high school, we need to make a stand for ALL children.

Then, email John Gardner (Minister for Education) and lodge your complaint.

Let’s flood their system.

Once you’ve sent your email and made your phone call please send this message to at least 10 friends.

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“We are entrenching bad behaviour”

Professor Colin Axon a scientist and advisor to the UK government is reported to state that “masks do very little against coronavirus and are nothing more than a comfort blanket.”

And now South Australian schools, based on advice from SA Health are joining in on this cycle of conditioning, by forcing our children to participate in this bad behaviour.

The best thing you can say about any mask is that any positive effect it does have is too small to be measured
Professor Colin Axon – UK SAGE advisor

Is this about health or social conditioning?
Alan Jones reports about masks on Sky News Australia

Mask mandates have come from SA Health to the Department of Education


mask up the kids


Global COVID-19 cases after masks introduced

“A direct comparison between US states with and without mask mandates indicates that mask mandates have made no difference“.  Read more >