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The Risk of Mandatory Jab for Pilots?

July 19, 2021

What are the chances of pilots experiencing blood clots while flying your plane? They're dying on the ground, could this happen in the air?

Mandatory jabs for pilots
  • We know that there are potential blood clotting side effects related to the COVID jabs. The FDA have reported venous thromboembolism as possible side effect, see slide 16 (backup).
  • We know that venous thromboembolism is a risk of flying.
  • Would cabin pressure while flying make blood clotting a higher risk for you?

What about your pilots and flight crew?

In commercial air lines there are 2-3 pilots on board.  What would happens if they all develop some adverse reaction to the COVID jabs, such as blood clotting, while flying?

Is this at all possible?

Distorted and Luminescent blood cells

A doctor drew blood from patients who reported such symptoms like fatigue, their commonality, they had all had a COVID jab.

The images below is an example of blood taken from a patient after moderna jab and viewed under a light microscope.

blood smear post jab

How many people is this happening to and what are the consequences?

Following are reports of pilots dying post-jab

Four British airline pilots die after getting Covid jab

June 2021
Fact checkers say not true, but read for yourself here.  These pilots were on the ground when they passed.

Photos of the four pilots who recently passed away, accompanied by condolence books. / Social Media

Five pilots from Jet Blue Airlines die post-jab, confirms a whistleblower

July 15, 2021

Pilots have regular health checks to be eligible to fly a commercial plane, so by that they are healthy.  What are the chances of 5 healthy pilots between the age of 31 and 60 passing suddenly?