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Why is Hydroxychloroquine taboo?

May 21, 2021

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about the drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or it's predecessor Chloroquine, which is regularly used as an anti-malarial treatment, as well as for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  A drug that has been readily used for over 60 years by anyone going/living in an area that is prone to mosquito/malaria activity?  Why is it suddenly "dangerous"?

Why is HCQ so controversial?

Why is Hydroxychloroquine taboo?

By now I’m sure everyone has heard about the drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or it’s predecessor Chloroquine, which is regularly used as an anti-malarial treatment, as well as for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  A drug that has been readily used for over 60+ years by anyone going to/living in an area that is prone to mosquito/malaria activity?  Why is it suddenly “dangerous”?

Some facts to consider about HCQ:

  • Chloroquine and HCQ are listed as an essential medicine by the WHO.
  • HCQ is relatively less “toxic” than Chloroquine when you look at the potential side effect profile.
  • The patents for both Chloroquine and it’s derivative HCQ have expired, which means they can be manufactured generically, which in turn means cheaply.
  • Hydroxychloroquine has been on the FDA’s list of approved drugs since 1955
  • In 2005 an in vitro study of Chloroquine on SARS virus showed prohibitive viral properties when used early.
  • In malaria prone countries, HCQ can be bought over the counter – no doctor’s script necessary.  In CDC fact sheet they recommend purchase before and deems it safe for adults and children, except those prone to psoriasis.
  • HCQ acts as an ionophore, meaning it opens up a transport channel for zinc to enter the cell and it is the zinc that stops viral replication.
  • A 200mg oral dose of hydroxychloroquine has a half life of 537 hours or 22.4 days in blood, longer in plasma.
  • Experts agree that “chloroquine has a small toxic to therapeutic margin“, meaning the right dose is effective, too high and it is toxic, even fatal.
  • In Taiwan December 2020 a manufacturing plant that makes the precursor to HCQ was damaged, and in May 2020, possibly 2 other plants that also make or store magnesium stearate were also damaged.  Coincidence?

Fact, if an effective early treatment was “found” for COVID-19:

  • The pandemic would be over
  • States of Emergency would no longer be ‘justifiable’
  • Experimental vaccine’s would not be necessary or justifiable
  • Emergency Use Authorisation or Provisional Registrations of vaccines would need to be stopped
  • Vaccine manufacturers would loose hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.

Other questions to consider:

  • Is HCQ a potential, broadspectrum anti-viral, in particular when used in combination with zinc?
  • If HCQ is safe for adults, children and pregnant women for weekly treatment for malaria, they why is the same/similar dose suddenly “dangerous” in the middle of a pandemic, as a demonstrated effective early treatment measure?
  • Why did health authorities design clinical trials for HCQ in late stage, hospitalised patients only, and at rates in excess of that used by frontline doctors for early treatment?
  • If a broad spectrum anti-viral medication was “discovered” what would this do to the profitability of the vaccine industry?
  • What would happen to the childhood vaccination program?
  • Do you think Big Pharma and it’s “soldiers” would do everything they can to stop such information from coming to light?
  • What tools do Big Pharma have to control the narrative?  Media? Lobby groups? Health authorities? Grant funding? Medical journal funding?

These are all questions to ponder as you dive into this controversial topic.  The greater number of people who know this information, the quicker a corrections can be made – assuming they do something about it!

HCQ and COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in early 2020, some key doctors highlighted the life saving benefits of the HCQ drug for treating the symptoms of COVID-19 as well as potentially reducing the replication of the disease agent SARS-CoV-2.

We’ve capture their story here, along with the science and the mode of action this drug has against this virus.  We’ll also look at the focus of the clinical trials that the “expert medical authorities” conducted using HCQ, and how they determined that the drug failed to be beneficial and was deemed to be potentially dangerous.  There is so much to un-ravel for this drug and its controversy.

In the mean time if you want an excellent summary read this article from Jun 2020:  How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created

HCQ Timeline

In March 2020, Australia’s Clive Palmer through his foundation donated 32,900,000 doses of HCQ to the people of Australia, because of the positive information coming from independent doctors, virologists and scientists.

For an excellent timeline of event surrounding HCQ the Palmer Foundation website has been keeping track of since April 2020, below we’ll share our own discoveries of which there will be overlaps.  It appears the general public is not aware of much of this information.

This web page will be updated, it is set up to build the story in chronological order.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the most recent videos

Dr Vladimir Zelenko’s Story

Zelenko “discovers” HCQ combination as an effective treatment for COVID-19

This story is a movie in the making.  Dr Vladimir Zelenko is a family doctor for around 30,000 residents in New York area.  He himself was suffering with cancer, undergoing treatment and surgery during the pandemic.  He claims to have never worn a mask while with his patients (many coming to him with COVID-19 symptoms) and he takes his prophylaxis treatment daily to protect himself against contracting the disease – by late 2020 he as yet hasn’t contracted COVID-19 but has assisted many hundreds of patients through the disease process, with only 2 hospitalisations, and 2 deaths, one with late stage cancer (as of end 2020).

It is highly recommended you listen to his story (below) yourself as he shares how he discovered HCQ + Zinc + Azithromycin combination for the treatment of his patients who came to him presenting with COVID-19 symptoms.  Listen to what he says and compare that to trials the “authorities” designed that  “proved” the drug to be “ineffective”.

Since the media won’t show you this, you’ll have to discover it for yourself.

Dr Zelenko share’s his treatment protocol for COVID-19

This video was first aired 2 July 2020 on The Highwire  which has since been deleted from YouTube.  Below is a part of this episode that features Dr Zelenko.

Find the Zelenko Protocol here, the whole purpose is to prevent symptoms from escalating and preventing hospitalisation.

Dr Zelenko mentions virologist Professor Didier Raoult from France.  Over time as these two doctors communicated and they refined their treatment, Dr Raoult started to use zinc in combination, and thus decreased his dosage of hydroxychloroquine.

Watch Medcram episode 34 explaining the mechanisms of zinc with an ionophore such as choloroquine, referenced by Dr Z.

Website update 2021:

Dr Zelenko’s Letter to President Trump

In March 2020 Dr Zelenko wrote a letter to President Trump to inform him about his success with the hydroxychloroquine combination treatment protocol for the COVID-19 pandemic.  Just as an aside it was claimed by the media that Trump owned shares in Sanofi, one of the companies that makes the generic drug, but that was taken out of context and thus fake news.

What the media didn’t tell you

An informative interview with Dr Zelenko

Dr Zelenko’s interview with the Corona Investigation Committee July22, 2021 – Session 62

Interesting statement by Dr Zelenko: “I’ve noticed, what ever the FDA decides, the rest of the world follows”.   Why this is interesting is that our TGA does refer to international regulatory bodies to assist in making recommendations and decisions.

He talks about how HCQ went from being available to everyone under Executive Order to being thwarted by FDA/HHS EUA for use in hospital settings only – the one setting it was never going to work in based on existing experience!

“In America, any drug that’s FDA approved can be used off-label for any reason” stated Dr Zelenco (within registered dose rates)

Combination treatment has provided the best results

The combination of HCQ with Zinc, is more effective than either used alone.  Zinc needs an ionophore to help it get into the cells, once in there it works to block the replication of the virus by inhibiting an enzyme called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase also called RNA replicase (see video below).
In addition, HCQ has multiple modes of action (see Dr Shiva video below) but when used in combination with zinc there is a synergistic effect.  Zinc is the bullet, HCQ (an ionophore) is the gun or the delivery tool.

Alternative Ionophores

If HCQ is not available Quercetin and EGCG (green tea extract) are also efficient zinc ionophores as discussed by Dr Zelenko.  All the front line doctors have stated, you need to get in early, the moment symptoms appear.

How Zinc and an ionophore work together


The paper referenced in this video: “Zn(2+) inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture”.

Early treatment is key to the success with HCQ

The medical establishment (clinical trials) and media choose ONLY TO FOCUS  on advanced disease (hospitalisation) where HCQ  has demonstrated to offers little if any benefit based on front line experience.  The trials are designed to fail from the outset – timing, dose, used alone, not in combination.  This is not conspiracy, this is fact.

Early treatment is where all the front line doctors are having success in preventing hospitalisation.  But strangely this information is being censored.

The health establishment are doing garbage science.


HCQ: How It Works, benefits and side effects

Dr Shiva extracts the information from the scientific literature

Multiple mechanisms of action of hydryoxychloroqine against coronavirus:

  1. Inhibits virus entry into the cell by inhibiting the viral particle binding to ACE2 receptor, this leads to reduced viral entry into the cell (Vincent et. at. 2005 CDC)
  2. Inhibits viral replication of RNA via inhibition of RdRP in coronavirus.
  3. Inhibits viral assembly
  4. Inhibits new particle transport out of the cell
  5. It acts as an ionophore for zinc, allowing zinc access into the cell, which in turn stops viral replication.

(note: Remdezivir, which is still under patent and costs around USD $3000 per dose, only inhibits viral replication, meaning one mode of action)

Dr Zelenko discusses covid-19 outpatient management with Dr Been



American Front Line Doctor’s Summit – shut down in under 24 hrs

Massive censorship of Frontline Doctors led by Dr Simone Gold, where she and many other front line professionals shared their experience and treatment success stories along with other literature based presentations to help get the word out about all things COVID-19 related.  Their YouTube video’s and website was taken down by the hosting company ( within 24 hours of the summit – unheard of censorship.

But they have a new site here.  With their COVID-19 treatment’s page here and video page here including their Summit on July 27, 2020 covering many topics including hydroxychloroquine.

Frontline Doctors Summit

Doctor’s experience with HCQ:

Dr Anthony Cardillo explains that in his ER, they’ve found that HCQ really only works in combination with zinc.

Dr Zelenko has published his studies to share with everyone.  This was on the original Frontline Doctors website

Dr Simone Gold – White Paper on HCQ

The heart of the problem

Cardiologist at Mayo Clinic in March 2020 claim QT issues with hydroxychloroquine.  Why wait for now to raise this issue, when the drug has been handed out effectively like candy for malaria prevention to adults and children? Why now?

Then comes the VA Study

On 21st April 2020, the paper titled “Outcomes of hydroxychloroquine usage in United States veterans hospitalized with Covid-19” was published.  This is refereed to as the VA Study.

The media then grabbed hold of it’s conclusions and began to shout higher mortality rates with hydroxychloroquine (1, 2) or Fox news claiming HCQ has no benefit.  Though what they don’t tell you is it is an observational study who’s conclusions have not been put into context.

That is HCQ was use on patients who’s immune system was already shot, they were hospitalised in ICU on ventilators, it was not a randomised trial, the study didn’t report the doses of the drugs used, plus 30% of the control group received a treatment that itself could help reduce mortality.  Plus one of the authors Scott Sutton received funding from the Remdezivir manufacture Gilead.  So a case of bad science, conflicts of interest and another attack on a drug that still has potential as an early treatment!

Then on 24th April 2020, the FDA cautioned the use of HCQ due to the risk of heart rhythm problems – but only for COVID-19 suspected patients, not for Lupus or RA or for malaria treatment!

French virologist, Dr Didier Raoult responds to the flawed VA study here.

Del Bigtree unpacks the FDA and the two factions of the HCQ

(that YouTube deleted)


Laura Ingram on US Fox News reports on this VA study


Dr Raoult’s study

Dr Patrice Harris the President of the American Medical Association claimed on CNN in April 2020 that there was no evidence to support the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.  Understanding at this time, the front line doctors were successfully accumulating thousands of case studies, they’re using rates that are commonly used for malaria, they’re using it at the first sign of symptoms for at risk patients, and they are successfully preventing patients from having to go to hospital.

Fraudulent Peer Reviewed Lancet Study

Published on 22nd May 2020, the Lancet published a damning paper looking at 96,000 patients, and concluding the HCQ group were dying at high rates and with more heart related complications!

The “…study did not examine the QT interval but instead directly analysed the risk of clinically significant ventricular arrythmias. We showed an independent association of the use of either hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with the occurrence of de-novo ventricular arrhythmias. We also note that the hazard of de-novo ventricular arrhythmias increased when the drugs were used in combination with a macrolide” [such as azithromyicin].

On 25 May 2020, this lancet study gave justification for the World Health Organisation to temporarily pause it’s SOLIDARTY trials on HCQ.  A fraudulent, supposedly peer reviewed study caused the WHO, in the middle of a pandemic, to stop trials because of the heart problems supposedly caused by hydroxychloroquine.

But then two weeks later on the 4th June, 2020 after doctors and scientist started questioning this peer reviewed scientific paper it was retracted by The Lancet  and the US based company Surgisphere that allegedly collected the data for this study from all over the world, including Australia, appears to be fake.  WHO then resumed it’s study of HCQ.

Then on 15th June 2020 the FDA revokes the EUA for the use of HCQ and CQ to treat COVID-19 and referenced the already retracted lanced paper and refers to it as evidence for their decision!  So the FDA reference fraudulent science as evidence to not use a potentially life saving early treatment drug.

A second paper associated with Surgisphere has also been retracted from another peer review journal.

How much damage did these fraudulent study do to the HCQ treatment narrative?

Who else has lost faith in the “authorities”?

Clinical trials appear set-up to fail

All HCQ clinical trials designed by “medical experts” focused on late stage COVID-19, contrary to what was experienced in the field.

The key to HCQ’s success is treating the patient early and using the drug in low dose, with zinc.  Yet the international “safety and efficacy” clinical trails were designed to use the drug as a stand alone (without zinc), and in exceedingly high doses plus only in hospitalised patients.  In this setting the virus has finished its replication, and the symptoms have escalated, beyond what the drug could hope to benefit. This is contrary to the way the front line doctors are using the drug, and are achieving a high degree of success.

This is shown when you read the paper from the RECOVERY trial published November 2020 where it states in the discussion “Hydroxychloroquine has been proposed as a treatment for Covid-19 largely on the basis of its in vitro SARS-CoV-2 antiviral activity and on data from observational studies reporting effective reduction in viral loads.”

If these health officials that designed the large scale international clinical trials heard the doctors in the field they would know that the antiviral affects of HCQ have been shown not to be enough when used alone, that it is when used with zinc that the best results are had.

Its almost as though they were designed to fail!

HCQ clinical trial comparison to frontline doctors' protocol
The dose rate between therapeutically effective and that of being toxic, is small for chloroquine, and likely too hydroxychloroquine.  In the frail and already sick and weakened hospitalised COVID-19 patients, how would these trial doses of HCQ make them fair?

This graph below shows the relative dose of HCQ between various treatments up to 10 days of use based on the table above.   As you can see the early treatment protocol dosage is within the common Malaria and Arthritis treatment rates, where as two of the trials conducted in sick hospitalised patients were at toxic and possibly lethal doses!

Graph: Dose comparison between each HCQ trials

HCQ Key clinical trials list:

Compare this to early treatment protocol doses

  •  Zelenko Protocol, Out-patient (not hospital) for only moderate to high risk patients – combination treatment zinc, azitromycin + HCC
    (200mg x twice daily for 5-7 days = 400mg in first 24 hrs, cummulative 2000mg – 2800mg in 5 to 7 days respectively, max 400mg/day)

These studies above have been highlighted because these are what the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration specifically referred to when they claimed the data shows “ no more effective than standard care in treating patients with COVID-19″.  Standard care should start at the GP’s office and not in hospital!  HCQ has performed poorly in clinical trials because it was used too late, in high doses and alone, not as a combination drug treatment.

Further still, based on these late stage clinical trials, the health officials and regulatory agencies deemed all use of HCQ ineffective and potentially dangerous!
If an early treatment was found the pandemic would be over and a vaccine would not be necessary, or at least mandating couldn’t be justified.

Australia’s TGA’s position on HCQ

The TGA claim use restrictions due to supply issues, yet the Palmer Foundation stocked us up in April 2020 with nearly 33 million doses, on top of what we already had in stock.

24 March 2020 – New restrictions on prescribing hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

26 August 2020 – Amendments to the new restrictions on prescribing hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

In this amemdment the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce  (NCCET) recommended against the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19.

Their media release states: “Taskforce Executive Director, Associate Professor Julian Elliott said the evidence indicates that hydroxychloroquine is potentially harmful and no more effective than standard care in treating patients with COVID-19.”  further “The pooled results show the drug does not reduce mortality, or shorten the amount of time a sick person spends in hospital. It also exposes them to side effects including cardiactoxicity.”

We are more than a year into this pandemic and they have not completed an early combination treatment study with HCQ, zinc and azithromycin or similar broad spectrum antibiotic.  “There are ongoing prevention trials investigating the use of hydroxychloroquine to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19″ and they’ll get back to us.  Will they be in combination, and why so long?

Update: Dr Fauci’s emails FOIA’ed

Dr Anthony Fauci, head of US NIAID in late May 2021 had about 3,200 of his January to June 2020 emails released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and they reveal much about what he knew.

On February 29, 2020 he was copied in on a high priority email to the vice president regarding the potential use of the cheap drug hydroxychloroquine to prophylax high risk patients.  The email even quoted the safe use rate of up to 6.5 mg/kg, a rate which Fauci’s NIH clinical trials exceeded, they used a one-dose-fits-all rate, but more importantly they used it in hospitalised patients when it was too late to be effective, and they knew it.

This is important for Australia, because our TGA referenced Fauci’s NIH ORCHID study as a “supporting” reason for them to make a blanket statement to NOT recommend hydroxychloroquine here in Australia even for it’s demonstrated benefit of early use with zinc.

Read the email

Articles and websites relating to HCQ

Medical Misinformation, Part 1: Hydroxychloroquine, 30 April 2020

NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine – article by State of the Nation, a retrospective look at Dr Zelenko’s plea for truth

Tracking: HCQ studies for COVID-19: Real-time meta analysis for 245 studies and counting, and CV19-HCQ

WHO SOLIDARITY and UK RECOVERY trials use potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine dose, article by Meryl Nass, MD

COVID-19 and Coronavirus Resource Center


Countries in RED: DO NOT use or have LIMITED use of HCQ

Global use of HCQ

More from Dr Zelenko and other doctors on HCQ

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