Pandemic timeline – 2022

Timeline of significant GLOBAL & LOCAL data points for COVID-19 Pandemic continuing into 2022

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The War on COVID-19!

2022 marks the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic

January 1

Borders open to all travellers into SA

All international travellers are now allowed entry into South Australia with different testing and quarantine requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated compared to unvaccinated individuals.  Though Australians 12+ years old, are required to be “fully vaccinated” to leave the country.

All interstate travellers are now allowed entry into SA, and are “required” to sign/QR code into public places.

January 3

Police Commissioner tests positive on day of record infections in SA

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, the State Emergency Coordinator, tests positive for COVID-19, the same day record new case numbers of 2552. [1]

Mr Stevens is positive and allowed to quarantine at home.  Just a month ago Senator Alex Antic tested negative upon return to SA from Canberra and was forced to quarantine in a medi-hotel for 2 weeks.

Besides the international border restrictions lifting 2 days ago, on the 4th of December 2021 the SA interstate borders opened with the knowledge of Omicron, the most infectious virus variant to date. Prior to this you had to be vaccinated to enter the state.

The recent spike in cases is logical, even with around 90% vaccination rate, because the vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission, they are said to only provide “protection against serious illness, hospitalisation and loss of life”, though that effectiveness may not last for long.

In two years South Australia has recorded a total of 8 COVID-19 deaths.