As you are aware Adelaide Freedom Rally (AFR) has been strongly supporting the South Australian Judicial Review (JR) in the Supreme Court.

Message from Stuart Lindsay Friday 25th February, 2022

We are pleased provide the following JR update:

There are six plaintiffs in the proceedings – 2 nurses, 2 police officers, a childcare worker and a teacher.

The proceedings came before the Supreme Court on 17th February 2022.  All of the Applicants were present. Simon Ower QC for the Applicants told the Court that it seemed that the Police Commissioner was not intending to give evidence and neither was Ms. Spurrier.  Instead the Crown had filed an affidavit of another police officer who serves under Stevens which attempts to describe was what before Stevens when he made his vaccine -mandate Directions. Much of it is hearsay and will be the subject of objection by the Applicants. Simon Ower told the Court about the paucity of information the Crown had provided to date.

The trial will now commence on 17th March 2022 and continue on the 18th and the 24th March.

Importantly, following the hearing the Crown have consented to Protective Costs Order sought by the Applicants which caps the costs that can be awarded against them if they are unsuccessful in an amount of $50,000. This is the first time such an order has been made in South Australia and provides the Applicants with great peace of mind in these important proceedings brought in the public interest.

Mr. Ower also told the Court that the applicants would seek those arrangements be made to livestream the trial.

AFR thanks everyone who have donated for their support to date and all the volunteers who assisted in making our fundraising campaign a successful one.  All of the funds that have been donated have been held in the trust account of Loretta Polson and she has, and will continue, to issue all donors her trust account receipt for the monies they have donated.

BUT Donations are still desperately needed to enable the Judicial Review to proceed. Moving to a 3-day trial has raised the initial donation estimate. Please consider donating as much as you can to Loretta Polson’s Trust Account – contact Polson Legal requesting the terms & conditions of your donation that will be held in trust for the Judicial Review.

Loretta remains the solicitor representing the plaintiffs in these proceedings and Stuart Lindsay the voice keeping us informed.

However, the JR has outgrown the AFR capacity to assist and the fundraising task is being passed onto new management.

The organisation now in charge will be announced soon.

AFR has been delighted to have played such a significant role in the success of the JR to date and support its continued success.


Contact Loretta Polson at Polson Legal

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