Vax Timeline

Chronological LOCAL & GLOBAL significant data points surrounding the one-size-fits-all vaccination debate.
To help build the picture for where we are today.

The Health Authorities with their media arm would have you all believe that all vaccines are safe and effective, all the time, no matter how many you give at one doctor’s visit, no matter the age, no matter your genetic history, no matter your health status, no matter the ingredients within the jab, etc…
If this safe and effective is flat-out “true” for all vaccines (biologics), why are drugs (pharmaceuticals) not all safe and effective for everyone once they are “registered”?
If it is not “true” then how the heck did a good portion of the population come to believe this to be “proven”?  And why can’t we ask questions?

Pay attention to the incremental changes over time.  They may not seem much in and of themselves, but add them together over time and what do you get?

Follow the money!

Always adding data points.  Come back again soon