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AusFeds is the only party in the history of Australia to have a process and system to ensure our representatives serve the people who elect them. Not those who select them.

AusFeds has created a six-step process where our candidates sign a pact with their constituents that they will represent them, not a political party.
On this page you will learn more about what I stand for and the core principles of the Australian Federation Party.
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“Change is Here”

Community Pact

To ensure the party and its candidates live up to our values, all AusFeds candidates must also sign up to The Community Pact thereby showing their commitment to the people of Australia.

“Signing of and commitment to the Public Pact:

  • I promise to serve my electors before the interests of any party or organisation.
  • I will never vote for something that undermines the personal freedoms and rights of the people I serve and represent.
  • I will respect and fight for the right of every Australian citizen to freedom of speech, medical choice, freedom of movement and freedom of religious belief.
  • I promise organised, perpetual and coordinated consultation with my constituents through Citizen Legislative Review Groups in which I will focus on the views of my constituents.
  • I will cast my vote with my conscience and best judgement in the best interests of the people I serve and represent.
  • I will never support legislation that unnecessarily coerces the People or divides them in any way.
  • I promise to personally serve and behave in a manner that reflects the expectations of the people I serve.”
Why The Australian Federation Party?

Australia has never suffered more devastating decisions than the disproportionate “public health” policies of 2020, 2021 and 2022. These decisions were just a continuation of endemic incompetence and corruption in our political system.

Basic freedoms were been wiped out, small businesses have been destroyed and the extensions of the State now permeate every element of our society and every moment of our lives. While valid scientific data and compelling evidence was ignored by a political establishment behaving more like those in an unaccountable Marxist dictatorship.

It is time for Australia’s people to stand up and say “enough is enough”.

Australian Federation Party (AusFeds) is a new kind of political party, designed from the ground up to represent the people. We are the only political party, in the history of Australia, to define a six-step pact where our candidates commit to serve the people, not the party.

The Australian Federation Party is committed to growing an alliance of Independent MP’s and Candidates at all tiers of government in Australia, people committed to representing the people first and who offer strong policy solutions to help the people prosper.

The Six-Step AusFeds 

Community Pact

Pact 1

Every month I pledge to hold a town hall public meeting in my electorate with an open agenda where the people can come and listen to how I have been representing them and ask any question of me they want.

Pact 2

Every month I pledge to personally run a democracy training session for constituents to attend to learn about the Australian political system and how each person can participate.

Pact 3

I pledge to vote independently of my political party if the party policy is not in alignment with the needs and expectations of the people I represent.

Pact 4

I pledge never to participate in rushed legislation that has not been considered by qualified members of my electorate other than legislation that is in the direct interest of immediate national security of our nation.

Pact 5

I pledge to ensure that every new proposed bill and amended legislation will be first put to a People’s Legislative Review Group in my electorate and the feedback will be provided to the Australian Parliament.

Pact 6

I pledge to use technology to hear the voice of the people and not use technology against the people.

About Kathy Scarborough

(Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma in Education)

Community Leader and Small Business Owner

I have lived in the Sturt electorate for 32 years and been an active member of both my local and broader community in this time. From leadership roles on kindergarten and school committees, and coaching team sports as sole parent to four beautiful girls, to founding and steering a non-profit organisation (Vaccination Information SA), providing support services to families over the last 25 years, my passion has been on building strong communities whilst empowering and supporting the individuals within them. I have my own small business, Waste Reduction SA, working with councils, sporting clubs, business, and industry, innovating to effectively capture clean materials for recycling and composting, building on 15 years’ experience in waste education.

In the last two years I have been running and MCing Adelaide’s freedom rallies as we have all faced the many consequences of lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates.  Daily injustices are faced by the most vulnerable members in our society along with millions of everyday Australians struggling to meet the ever-increasing cost of living. Thousands of impacted people are looking for a voice and need community more than ever.

Our systems are broken, our resources are wasted, and our environment and people are suffering.  Small business security and the restoration of unity within our community, with respect for diversity and our Aboriginal heritage is paramount to creating a healthy and functional Australian society. These issues need to be addressed NOW with community consultation at the heart.

Ready to take the next step and support Kathy?

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